Only paying guests of the Reeve Bed and Breakfast / persons listed on the reservation, are permitted to use the private and public areas of the premises. Therefore, no visitors of guests are permitted on site, unless by prior arrangement and express permission of the Reeve Bed and Breakfast.

At the time of reservation, we have usually charged your credit card with a non-refundable deposit in the amount, equivalent to half of your reserved stay. The balance will be charged to your credit card on the day of your arrival, unless otherwise indicated in the booking details you will receive by email. If you cancel the reservation or do not show, on the day of your scheduled arrival, the entire fee for the stay is forfeit and will be collected by the Reeve Bed and Breakfast.

Usually a 2-night minimum stay is required during peak-season weekends; a 3-night stay is required for peak holiday weekends. However, we may be able to accommodate a 1-night stay, so please check with us. If we accept a 1-night stay we reserve the right to assign you to a different room if we are able to accommodate a guest who wishes to stay longer in the room you requested.

Check-in/Check-out times:

Check-in is between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., unless by prior arrangement. Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year and all July and August check-in is between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.

Checkout is by 11 am.


In consideration of all our guests, we are normally unable to accommodate children under the age of 12.


We do not allow pets, either in the bed and breakfast or to be left in guest vehicles.


We are a totally non-smoking bed and breakfast, including the grounds and we reserve the right to charge any guest $250 for special cleaning that would be necessary if that guest has smoked anywhere on the property.  We also reserve the right to ask that the guest discontinue smoking, and if he or she refuses, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the bed and breakfast immediately.

Other Policies:

If a guest damages any item belonging to the Reeve Bed and Breakfast, it is the guest’s responsibility to replace or pay for the repair of said item, and it is our policy to discuss the matter with the guest and agree together on an acceptable compensation amount.  However, if the damage is discovered after a guest has left, we reserve the right to charge the guest’s credit card with a reasonable sum for compensation for said damage.

The Reeve Bed and Breakfast is privately owned, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests, or for loss of money, jewellery, valuables or any item belonging to a guest.

Policies, rates and taxes may be subject to change without notice.